Memory Mach - Jungle Animals is a game that will test your visual memory and help you develop it, find pairs of animals.

At the beginning of each level of the Game Mode, "Against the Clock" and "Extra", you will have a few seconds to memorize the position of each pair of animals. By touching each key, we will see its contents and we will have to manage to make all the pairs, with the amount minimun of pulsations.

This game is indicated for all ages, to develop memory, motor skills, etc …

It does not contain any kind of images or ads harmful to the kids, find pairs and this game exercises cognitive skills.

Cognitive stimulation:

Set of techniques and strategies that it has as an the objective the performance improvement and efficiency in the functioning of cognitive abilities such as perception, memory, attention, among others.

Some features of the App:

- Search for pairs of more than 70 different animals, so many terrestrial animals, birds and aquatic animals.

- Record Table that it saves your best scores so you can get over them.

- 3 Different "Game Mode":

*Classic: The time isn’t a obstacle for to finish the different levels.

*Against the clock: Here, you have a determinate time for to can finish the different levels of this game.

*Extra: All cards are inverted, considerably increasing the difficulty of all levels. ONLY FOR EXPERT PLAYERS.

- 3 Different Levels of Challenge:

*Easy, Normal, Difficult.

"Memory Match - Animals of the Jungle" is a great training that helps the intellectual development of the brain. Memory exercises is the perfect way to keep a brain fit in the most efficient way.

Train your memory to memory and improve your concentration, attention and reaction speed while playing.

Are you ready to challenge your memory every day with "Memory Match - Animals of the Jungle"?

A great game to exercise your memory!

Some characteristics:

- 100% Free.

- Select between several Languages.

- You must memorize and find pairs of images of disordered animals.

- Large amount of high quality images.

- Various "Game Modes" and "Difficulty", so you never get bored.

- Lead your own record, at all levels.

- Easy to use, just click on the cards to turn.

- Free game in Spanish and/or English to exercise your memory.

- Ideal to stimulate the memory for both adults and kids.

- Education: Develop the memory, concentration, motor skill and creativity.

- Daily memory training.

- Easy to use: just click on the cards to rotate.

- Daily memory training.

- Simple and intuitive interface.

- Different levels for all ages.

- Adapted to work perfectly both mobile phone (smartphone) or tablets.

- Internet access is only to show advertising.


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